Have you started your goldmine yet?

I was surfing for some ideas about motivation and mindset, what I stumbles upon was some great tips from Michael Savoie about starting your own goldrush.
clipped from productinaweekend.com

Making Your Own Goldrush? Or Helping Other’s With Theirs…

Back in the days of the San Francisco goldrush, many people made off with armloads of cash, but only a few people actually found gold…

Step 1: Prepare*
Be ready at all times because you never can tell when you’ll get your shot at the big time.

Step 2: Be in the Right Place at the Right Time
One thing I’ve learned is you do need to get out of the house sometimes. Find an event close to you and just go. Meet the people who may help you to make a huge impact.

Step 3: Grab Your Chance and Make It Happen
The first two steps are good, but if you don’t take action you’ll miss your chance.

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